About Me


Hi, I'm Ruth.  Thanks for stopping by!


I'm guessing you're here because you'd like to know a little bit about me before you decide to read any further; so, here's just a little bit.

I'm a wife, mum, gramma, daughter, sister, and friend.  And I'll admit to being a mother hen, a night owl, and a daydreamer.  I also consider myself both a chocolate connoisseur and a nutritional sage. 

I enjoy gardening, sewing, DIYing, reading the classics, writing anything, riding my bicycle, long walks with hubby, playing word games on my iphone, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.  Interests include organic gardening, the vegetarian diet, end-time prophesy, and world travel.  My faith is in Jesus and my heart is at home. 

My goal for 2018 was simply to do better—whatever I was already doing in my life that was moving in a healthy and positive direction, I wanted to do it better.  As simplistic as that sounds, it was a significant resolve for me at the time.  It still is; and maybe someday I’ll share the reason for that.  But for now, part of the ‘doing better’ is in writing this blog and, more importantly, sharing it with you!

Someday I may write novels, travel the world, and create a home and garden sought after by photographers and Martha Stewart alike. But I don't have time for that just now—the important has crowded out the urgent; and so I am busy gardening with hubby, cuddling my grand babies, road tripping and antique-ing with my girls, perhaps even learning to cook and living to blog about it.  I am learning the art of slowing down, and I am content.

Because the secret to having it all is in believing that you do!


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