[10]Uses for the Mason Jar

It's Vogue. It's Versatile. And it's Virtually indestructible.

Absolutely! I use them for (#1) Home Canning. There's always that.

But this week, as I was cleaning and organizing all the stuff behind the thirty-five doors and sixteen drawers in my kitchen, I pondered how I could better store and utilize the good old mason jar.

Using them as (#2) Cold Beverage Glasses would eliminate the need for tumblers, water goblets, and highballs.

And since they can take the heat, why not (#3) Hot Beverage Mugs, while I'm at it? I could contract my knit-wit niece to make more of these mug cozies in a myriad of colour.

A variety of jar sizes would make great (#4) Dessert Dishes for any occasion. Heck, I could even bake in them!

Are you, like me, ever left with about a pint of paint in a gallon pail that is no longer sealing properly? (probably due to being pried and hammered multiple times, to say nothing of all the gooey mess collected in the rim, but still). Enter (#5) The Paint Jar. Voila! A quart will fit both your hand and brush nicely, no rim to trap paint, and a perfect seal every time!

(#6) Hot Water Bottle. Who among us hasn't gone on a middle-of-the-night rampage for that illusive red rubber hot water pillow thingy? Sure, they're soft and slightly more comfortable; but I say a mason jar close by is better than a rubber water bottle that cannot, for the life of me, be found (Hmm. Did I take that thing to the re-use shed?)

Again, the mason can take the heat. It will not leak. And, unless your floor is tile or cement, it isn't even too likely to break if it rolls out of bed.

(#7) Sweet Potato Slip Starter. Enough said.

Perfect (#8) Small Parts Organizers for my sewing notions. Attach the lids/rims to the underside of a closet shelf and then simply screw the jars on and off; they're out of the way but easy to get at.

A (#9) Flower Vase in every shape and size. Ok, so not every shape.

Aaaaand. . . .

(#10) The Fish Bowl. Kidding! No fish were distressed or thus confined in the creating of this blog post!

Have you discovered other uses for the good old mason jar? Please do share in the comments, below :)