Believe in your #selfie

An updated profile pic has been long overdue.

However, I'm typically the one behind the camera here; and selfies are not really my thing.

While admittedly healthier—spirit, mind, and body—than I was when I first started blogging, I'm also older. And greyer. Significantly more wrinkled.

And hopefully somewhat wiser.

But more to the point: Organic gardening, herbalism, home apothecary, the green smoothie . . . I feel as though I'm finally coming into who I really am; instead of striving, I'm being.

[Note: No credit to quarantine, lockdown, or any other 2020 absurdity, as I was well on this path even prior to discovering the sourdough.]

Henceforth, instead of lamenting my lack of culinary skill, I'm embracing the simple and healthy goodness from our own garden. Instead of cracking the cook books (as appealing to me as is snapping selfies), I'm sticking with just a few nutritious homemade treats and stocking the pantry with seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate. Instead of novel pharmaceuticals and skin care, I'm learning to make my own, using the herbs I grow and other simple ingredients.

Coffee-infused eye cream—wakes up these old eyes!

And instead of slathering my bread with salted, full-fat butter . . . Just kidding!—who in their right mind would give up butter?!

But you get the idea.

In a previous post, I shared links to a few of the amazing people I've been learning so much from, in my own wellness journey; and I hope that (if any of this resonates with you) you've found time somewhere to check them out.

And if you haven't yet experienced one of these free online health summits I've been referring to, I really want to encourage you to register for one or both of these:

The Younger Longer Health Summit, January 20-26

The Live Longer Feel Better Docuseries, January 18-27

These series are completely free to view, but there is SO MUCH great information and usually up to three presenters each day—it really is a lot to take in. If you register, you'll get a daily email link to each day's talks/interviews as well as downloadable bonus material. You'll also be given the option to purchase digital access and listen on your own schedule.

I'm not affiliated with either of these websites and will receive nothing from them for sharing their links; but I firmly believe that the information they provide can be life changing—information which I feel good about passing on to the people I care about.

So, that's all, for now. Wishing you God's richest blessings on you and yours in 2021!

P.S. At the moment, I'm working to document the simple formulas I use to create my own house-cleaning solutions, skin care products, and home remedies. If you're interested, keep an eye out for clickable links on my homepage, coming soon!