Butter Chicken Pizza

And that cauliflower crust . . .

I did it. I made the butter chicken pizza with a cauliflower crust. It's taken me a while, but generally I eventually do what I say I will do. Unless, of course, I change my mind about doing it, which is neither here nor there.

At any rate, I was completely and utterly right about the butter chicken and the cauliflower being a great combination—like veggie pakora in your pizza :) The cauliflower is pretty easy to work with, but I'm thinking that there's something to learn regarding the amount of moisture in it and how to remove some of it prior to loading your pizza.

This was another of those use-whatever-you-find-in-the-fridge days (actually, it's always like that), so we've got onion, mushroom, red pepper, and spinach. No chicken in the fridge, nor even canned in the pantry; but I did find a small block of paneer in the deep freeze. And that's okay, 'cause we kinda prefer it to the chicken, anyway. Borderline vegetarians, here.

However, I've regretted using the store-bought sauce. We LOVE Indian food, and always make the sauce from scratch when having it with rice—tons more flavour—so why not with pizza? If you make your own, too, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. And I'm thinking that next time I'll sauté the veggies with some garlic; perhaps even stir them into the sauce before spreading it on the crust.

Yes, I am aware (in case you were wondering) that a serious food blogger would make the same meal over and over until he/she had it just right and would be able to tell his/her readers the right way to do it the first time.

But I'm not a serious food blogger.

Nevertheless, my point was to find if the cauliflower crust would hold up under pizza as it did with the quiche; and, unfortunately, that fork in the picture is not merely for presentation purposes.

I think I need to go back to Greta Podleski's (Yum & Yummer) cauliflower crust recipe

(with a smidgen of chagrin), this time paying attention to the instructions for removing excess moisture.

Nevertheless, a dear reader has informed me that she uses the cauliflower crust herself, when making pizza. A diabetic, she affirms that it is much easier on her blood sugars than a traditional wheat crust. She also says that refrigeration will firm up the crust, making the use of a fork optional. If you happen to have any pizza left over to refrigerate, that is.