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When you re-read a classic, you don't see more in the book than you did before; you see more in yourself than there was before. - Clifton Fadiman

As a kid, I was not a reader. Although the ability came naturally enough, the appreciation for it did not—until I started reading to my own kids; and then I couldn't get enough. We fell in love with the old school readers we found at yard sales and used-book fairs, and, because we were home schooling, I was free to choose reading and literature curriculum that was heavy on the classics.

In recent years, I have thought I would like to join a book club—discussing the classics and sharing insights and ideas. And I've come so close. But when I realize that someone is going to hand me a book and say, "Read this. We will discuss Chapters 1-3 on Tuesday," I bolt in blind terror, all the high school flashbacks of the books I was supposed to have read, and hadn't, in relentless and merciless pursuit.

I kid you not.

And so it came to me, a short while back, that this blog I've created would allow me to design my own book club, however unconventional, in which I am not forced to address my old high school fears and failings. We'll read what we like, when we like, and come back here, to this safe place, to share our insights and ideas and recommendations.

That's the plan.

Anyone else out there interested in my unconventional book club? You can Log In/Sign Up at the top of my Home Page, which will allow you to comment on my posts and add book recommendations of your own. I can't wait to see what might happen with this!

But now, for that first review . . .

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