It's Soup—it doesn't have needs!

Tomato Lentil Curry Soup

Ok, so this soup I made tonight is just totally amazing and I must share. Not really in recipe form, because I’ve never even been very good at following them. I should confess upfront—to anyone who doesn’t already know me—that I’m not a good cook; not even a cook, really, if that would mean I do it for enjoyment and consider it some kind of weekend fun. No way. In fact, while I’m at it, I should also admit that the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house. Well, that, and it’s a great place to keep the coffee maker.

But I digress.

I sat down at the computer to write this blog when I should really be upstairs cleaning my kitchen (how does it always need cleaning, anyway?), because I know that if there’s one thing I can actually do, it’s soup. Though, as previously mentioned, not with a recipe. So, if it’s a recipe you want, let me suggest my current favourite in that department: check out this link for Greta Podleski's Yum & Yummer. She cooks the way I'd like to, except that she does it for fun and knows how to make a recipe of it. But hey, even if you don’t like to cook, her books are both visually appealing and highly entertaining :)

Aaah! And yet again, I digress!

Now, maybe it should have a name. But then it would be a recipe. And it’s not. It’s a list of ingredients—not even measured ingredients.

I'll call it Tomato Lentil Curry. Yeah, that'll work.

Here goes….

Chopped onion, diced carrot (I sautéed these in olive oil); I halved the slightly-shrivelled grape tomatoes from the back of the crisper and threw them in the mix. This is where I should have added the chopped kale, if it hadn’t skipped my mind (if you manage to grow hordes of kale and spinach, but need suggestions for how to harvest, store, and use it, check out my post on leafy greens). Minced garlic, pureed ginger, garam (if you enjoy Indian fare, you will know what this is and probably already have it on the shelf), cumin, salt and pepper are what I used for flavour, and I added them in that order. I stopped there, because I was in a hurry with this for my husband’s supper tonight—he’s working the night shift—and I had to be certain it was a combination he would enjoy; but there are so many possibilities! Think cinnamon and its allies. And maybe even cilantro, if you happen to like the taste of soap—I don’t!

When the aroma was nearly overwhelming, I added vegetable broth, tossed in a tin of Campbell’s tomato soup (someday I'm going to make my own), and a pint jar of lentils

(Because I Can), and heated it through.

I know it would taste even better by tomorrow, but it never made it to the refrigerator ;)