Usually people who enjoy eating good food as much as I do also enjoy cooking it; and they do it well.

Not true of me.

However, I made this quiche for dinner tonight, using this recipe. Please do follow the link and see what it’s supposed to look like. My photo is only proof for the skeptics (ie. those who know me). It is no secret that I am not a cook, and while I make no pretense, I do want credit—at least for the photo.

Now, I had understood that a cauliflower crust—upon which the aforementioned quiche is built—is crumbly and not suitable for pizza (I dislike eating pizza with a fork; it just feels wrong). However, this crust held up nicely, the fork on my photo being for presentation purposes only. I’m pleased with this discovery, and even somewhat anxious to find out whether or not it will work the same way for pizza. Thinking Butter Chicken, here. Wouldn’t that be an amazing combination?

So, when I’m not making soup, I do sometimes use a recipe. And sometimes I even use a recipe for soup; just came across another dish from the Looney Spoons gals—an amazing-looking Indian Mulligitawny Soup. I hope to try it in the next little while and will blog about how yummy it really is (my hopes are high!).

At any rate, I have a couple more really great egg creations that my family loves—one is a recipe, though with only 3 or 4 ingredients (whew!); the other my daughter brought home from Uganda (a classic road-side fare over there. Double whew!), and it basically uses whatever veggies you have in the fridge, or even none at all. Never turns out the same twice, but always delicious.

However, first, the Mulligatawny Soup!!

Stay tuned :)