Love Me a Road Trip :)

I really do! And a road trip that includes at least one stop at an antique/vintage shop is just that much more to love. Fortunately, my daughter loves them, too (the vintage and antiques, anyway; the travel, meh!). This fall we traveled down to the Lower

Mainland—a super quick weekend trip to visit family; but having the babies with us makes it easier (necessary, actually) to slow down and smell the coffee; we take 13 hours to make a typical 8 or 9-hour drive, stopping at every antique/second hand store (and Tim Hortons!) along the way.

The Rusty Gate, in Prince George. Pearl's Antique Mall, in Quesnel.

Though our favourite pit stop on this route is a quaint village midway Prince George and Vancouver. An easy walk up one side of Clinton and down the other will take you past a half dozen antique/second hand/vintage/yard sale-type businesses. And, if you're anything like me and my daughter, rather than walking past you will throw both caution and schedule to the wind and take your sweet time—thus the 13-hour road trips.

Another stop of interest on this particular trip included the Alexandra Lodge in the Fraser Canyon. For years I've wondered about this place and wanted a chance to stop and see it, but previously it has appeared closed up and abandoned. I've Googled it and found conflicting stories as to its owners, past and present, and who was living in it when. However, this time the decrepit building boasted not only a resident, but an ongoing yard sale into the bargain. We were treated to a peek at the kitchen and the massive wood cook stove that had been used in the lodges heyday. That stove appeared to be the only thing that wasn't falling apart.

But seriously, this piece of real estate has seen its day, and maybe even its window of opportunity, in my opinion. Too bad it hadn't been restored 20 or 30 years ago, when it might have been doable. It's rough :(

Alexandra Lodge in the Fraser Canyon

But who knows. It could happen yet.

And while I’m on the subject . . . Another interesting piece of architecture and history along this route that I would love to see brought back to life is the Soda Creek Emporium on the Cariboo Highway, just north of Williams Lake. The building itself is unique, inside and out, and of course the beauty of the Cariboo’s rolling hills and river valleys doesn’t hurt. The Emporium, owned by the Xat'sull First Nations, (would love to visit their Heritage Village!) used to operate as a restaurant, but, as far as I know, is now sitting empty and, while perhaps not yet decrepit, is aging fast.

Hate to see the old things go!