Oh, For the Love of Rocking Chairs!

The rocker came home from the rubbish pile along with the little desk rescue, just before Christmas. However, I lacked inspiration or energy to do anything with it right away, and goodness knows I don't need another rocking chair in my house; five should be sufficient. So, it sat in an obscure corner of the basement over the holidays and we all but forgot about it.

Weeks later, when our daughter found it there and asked if she could have it for her birthday, my energy and inspiration slowly came around and, a mere two months after the fact, I am happy to finally report that the chair is ready to find its new home in hers :) In way of excuse, the repairs and prep work were done in a timely manner. Nevertheless, waiting for warmer temps, to make opening a window during the stain and varnish process practical, seemed an eternity. In reality, though, it was only 5 weeks.

Whether the seat was broken prior to, or because of, being deposited on the rubbish heap, remains a mystery. However, one thing remains clear: This is not a piece of junk!

It appeared to have sat out in the weather, or at least some very direct and intense sunlight, for some time, as the finish was either burnt off or baked in. Consequently, what was left on the back and arms literally flaked off with a very light sanding, while what had baked into the legs and spindles needed a bit more encouragement.

I figured a dark walnut stain would work best for hiding any inconsistencies (ie, places where I had failed to remove all of the previous finish). It's also what was sitting on the shelf and needed to be used up. Waste not want not!

After a fluctuating love/hate relationship with this chair during the recovery process, I have to admit that, while it didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, it is better than I had expected. It will move to my daughter's house this afternoon and find a place in her girls' bedroom. Cuddles will be had and memories made.

And these are the things we keep.