Old is. . . Old.

Because hubby knows me so well and loves me anyway, we have yet another rescue from the local rubbish pile.

Although it's very sturdy and needed no structural repairs, this little desk has had some, uh, history carved into it—bored kid, I suspect, supposed to be doing his homework but instead dulling his writing tools on the drawer fronts. I like it.

Unfortunately, the fresh paint obliterated the hieroglyphics.

I figured there was no point in putting too much work into this piece, trying to make it something it is not; all it really needed was a little TLC and renewed purpose. So I re-hydrated the top and drawer fronts with a fresh finish and painted the rest; then roughed up the corners and edges a bit, in keeping with its overall appearance.

The original hardware cleaned up okay with a little vinegar and steel wool, and I created tiny knobs for the skinny drawer with findings from hubby's work shop.

And because it's just little, it fits nicely into the corner of my large-but-already-crammed-full bedroom. I mean, who couldn't use extra drawers and surface area to hold more stuff, right?

Hubs did a dump run on his way to work this afternoon.

I wonder what he'll bring me. . . . :)