Olde Route—New Trip

As a northern gardener with a narrow window of opportunity for growing and harvesting a vegetable garden, I've pretty much made a habit of keeping to the home front June through September. That said, I've decided that—other than August—a weekend away is do-able. So, this summer we traveled. We road-tripped, actually! And even more than once :)

In fact, five road trips were had. And 4/5 took me down the same highway, with only slight variants in final destination and traveling buddies.

Borrrr-ing! (you may be thinking).

But heck, NO! I hold cherished memories of this route, both as a child and also as an adult with my own kids.

Yet, only recently, hubby and I have discovered how enjoyable a relaxed and meandering road trip can be, as well as how many interesting places we have overlooked in the past while racing from point A to point B—point B typically being either Vancouver or the Okanagan Valley.

So, without further ado, I invite you to meander the Cariboo Highway (aka BC Hwy 97 South) with us!

First stop: Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada.

Pearl's Antique Mall. Don't miss it!

Seriously, this place is SO much fun. Each booth tells a little story about the person who stocks it. Toys. Dishes. Miniatures. Music. Books. Art. You name it.

Stop #2: Clinton, British Columbia, Canada

If you enjoy antique-ing, junking, and treasure hunting, as I do, you'll want to spend at least a couple hours in this tiny town.

White Elephant is quite possibly my favourite. Not sure if that's to do with the building itself or the great collection of books. Likely both. I love the outdoor and garden novelties, too.

The Clinton Emporium is like a museum. Left to myself, I could easily spend a couple of hours right here!

A junker's paradise, really—from White Elephant at one end of town, to the Clinton Emporium at the other, and Hunnies (and others!) in between.

A heads up that Clinton markets are cash-only, so you'll want to make sure you've got cash in your pocket and room in your car for the treasures I can all but promise you'll find!

I've been taking pictures of these hills since I was a kid! My boy and I dubbed them 'Clifford' years ago, and we still refer to them that way. Maybe because they're big, and red, and . . . cliff-y?

Next stop: Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada and Horsting's Farm Market.

Planting field strawberries in April.

An abundance of flowering baskets and bedding plants. It smelled so sweet in this greenhouse!

Horsting's is so much more than fresh garden produce, though. There's a gift shop, of sorts; tons of take-home baked or frozen pies, soups, etc.; BC honey, Okanagan fruit syrups; an amazing assortment of fudge; fresh-baked breads and rolls . . .

And honestly, once you try the cinnamon buns and made-to-order sandwiches, you're hooked. You'll find yourself planning your trip around breakfast and lunch and coffee breaks and Horstings!

And then, on to the quaintest little country inn this side of. . . this side of . . .

Well, I haven't many quaint little country inns in my repertoire, as of yet. However, this is my second time at this one and it won't be my last.

Nestled between Cache Creek and the city of Kamloops (a half-our drive, either way), Lakeside Country Inn in Savona, BC would be a great place to stay while exploring the Thompson-Nicola region.

A heads-up that the inn isn't open during the winter months; however, the owners, Donn and Margaret, seem quite willing to accommodate during the off-season, when they can.

Fortunately, we enjoy a good thunderstorm now and again. Unfortunately, this one encompassed the major part of our weekend at Lakeside and kept us from walking the shoreline and exploring as we would have liked to do. I did get some great pics and videos of the storm, though :) We also enjoyed a lovely brunch in Kamloops with dear friends who traveled up from the Okanagan—a definite highlight of our September road trip!

One last stop, on our homeward travel in September, took us down, down, down into the Cariboo river valley at Soda Creek . . .

A micro-climate in the valley creates perfect conditions for growing sweet sweet corn! Soda Creek corn can be purchased from retailers in both Quesnel and Williams Lake, but it's so much more fun to pick it ourselves—even in the mud!

The rain was pretty much incessant all weekend, but stopped just long enough for us to pick our own corn and cukes. As we drove up out of the valley, our mud-laden flip-flops rode in the pickup box!

The next two pics are from a couple years ago when my daughter, granddaughter, and I made this trip (as are the previous sunny pictures of Clinton). Without rain hastening our pace, we were there long enough to watch the sun set over the corn fields and the moon appear over the vegetable gardens.

And so conclude our summer travels for 2019. Thanks for joining me in my reminiscence!

For now, I'm settling in for the long winter months—some sewing, some blogging, some future-travel forecasting . . .