The Tiny Kitchen

Hubby and I joined forces to create the perfect play kitchen for our granddaughter.

We started with an antique piece I had picked up free on the side of the road more than a decade ago. It had housed our stereo and CDs for several years, after which it seemed to travel from room to room, seeking its purpose. Finally ending up in my bedroom, barren and bereft, I was forced to gaze upon its ineptness last thing at night and first thing every morning; and I got to thinking . . .

We added the top shelves and window; also changed out the fancy rounded doors on either side.

A bit whimsy, a bit retro.

The pots, pans, and utensils are Melissa & Doug.

A battery operated push light in the oven. The window is a 5x7 picture frame with plexi-glass. Door finish is aluminum paint and a chrome handle from the hardware store. Cookies and baking sheet by Melissa & Doug :)

It took some doing to find the right-size knobs for the oven and cook top; adjustable furniture casters are perfect, and because they're adjustable they turn just like the real thing. A dab of nail polish and stickers I created in MS Word finish the look.

Even a play kitchen should have a well-stocked fridge. The cute wooden food items are, again, Melissa & Doug.

The sink is a small food warming tray, the tap/faucet is a novelty hook with a coat of the aluminum paint, and the backsplash is made from 2-inch wood lath, painted black and trimmed out with white silicone.

For the burners, I glued 5 old CDs together, painted the edge black, and used cd printer labels to create burners for each side -- one red and the other black. Stationary bolts on the cooktop hold the elements in place, but allow them to be flipped over for 'off' or 'on'.

More Melissa & Doug in the pantry.

I don't have to tell you that this piece is a favourite and enjoyed a lot :)