You Found THAT on the Rubbish Pile?!

When my daughter walks into my house after her day's work and announces to her precocious preschooler that she has brought her something, her daughter will clap her little hands in delight, and say, "From the rubbish pile?!"

Now don't laugh (or judge). You will be amazed what one can find at the dump in these parts!

This past summer my daughter called me: "Is dad at home? Do you think he'd mind picking up a gun cabinet from the dump?" I answered that he was indeed at home and wouldn't mind at all. Now, I know that women shouldn't answer for their husbands like that; it's been my undoing on more than one occasion. However, in my defense, it's not like I’d just promised he’d fetch a 700-pound piano. But that's a story for another time.

When my daughter and her dad arrived home with the cabinet, I was in shock. I thought, “What was she thinking? I certainly would have left it right where it was!” But after hubby had replaced a piece of wood and hung the doors back on their hinges, and daughter had brought me up to speed with a few images on Pinterest, I began to see things in a better light. Indeed, what I was seeing it in was more akin to vision. And since said gun cabinet was already sitting in my garage, I offered to do the restoration work, which offer she graciously accepted.

Hubby replaced some wood, re-hung the doors, and finished the inside back of the cabinet with 3-inch wood slats, to create the look. There wasn’t any glass in the doors, which was just fine—she wanted chicken wire in them, anyway. I removed the heavy bolt-type lock and filled the holes; also filled in holes where the original handles had been. Actually I filled in a lot of holes and irregularities (I’m quite practiced with paintable silicone and spackle!); remember my first thoughts on seeing its, uh, roughness?

I wish now that I had taken a picture of it while it was still laying, like a corpse, in the pickup box. Just picture, if you will, dark brown wood stain and general wear from use and storage over the years, as well as general damage from falling off the back of a pickup truck onto the wood pile. However, my daughter’s vision (and search for a cabinet that would fit her kitchen) rescued this piece from the rubbish pile; and the repairs, silicone, spackle, cute little bun feet, chicken wire, and a couple coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Inglenook gave her dump find new life! I love that!!

I cannot ever restore an item like this—rescued from the rubbish pile—without a keen sense of awe and gratitude for my saviour, Jesus, who rescued me and fixed me up, giving me hope and purpose. And I am so eternally thankful!