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We did have to buy the roofing and the barn paint. A few screws and nails.  And the chicken wire, of course. But other than that, we used what we had and what we could find at the dump.  

Total cost was under $300. Chickens sold separately.

A few years back, I started playing with making my own "potions"—as my grand-daughter refers to our simple blends and concoctions.

I bought way too many ingredients and tried more recipes than I could count, until I had eventually replaced every skin care item and cleaning product in my house with homemade.  

In the end, I opted for purchasing dish soap and laundry detergent; but the rest of it—everything in this book, plus—I make and use regularly (click on the book image to open the document).

And all the ingredients and equipment are, indeed, stored in my pantry!


faith & traditions


an original story

crafts and patterns


a classic literature review

colouring pages


and MORE, in every issue!

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