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A Rose, by Any Other Name . . .

“Because it is sure of its beauty, the rose makes terrible demands on us.”

Alain Meilland, American rose breeder, 20th century

Frustrated by those demands, and the uncertainty of their return each spring, I have transferred my loyalties to the peonies and lilies in my garden. Practically maintenance free, these old-fashioned flowers rival the rose in both scent and beautyand the deer don’t like them nearly as well.

But just for the record, roses—in particular, pink roses—have always been and will always be my favourite flower, the tall and hardy rugosas having secured their place in my backyard.

And because I simply can’t help myself, I still tuck a hybrid tea in here and there.

In the fall, I cut them back, water them thoroughly, dump a mound of compost on top . . . practically expecting them to succumb to the harsh Canadian winter.

And sometimes they don’t :)


Shall we complain that God put thorns on roses,

or thank Him that He put roses on thorns?


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