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My New Favourite Weed.

Nope. Not cannabis.

It used to be fireweed. I mean, why not? It's pretty; apparently it's completely edible; I've never had to fight it from my veggie patch or flower beds . . .

And I've been finding mixed reviews as to whether or not it's considered invasive.

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

This past summer I've been discovering the virtues of the dandelion. It, too, is pretty, and more attractively named, at that. It's also edible. And I've always felt, deep down, a desire to love the dandelion for its finer qualities and to believe in its inherent goodness.

Besides, hating is hard work.

And mere indifference can take over an entire garden plot in one short season, with no compensation whatsoever.

Soooo . . .

I decided to do some research, and I found enough dandelion-redeeming information on the internet to convince me of it's viability.

I made salad and tea last summer.

And this summer—since eradicating them from my garden means digging out the root—I'll be making "coffee" with that.

My spring salad

of dandelion


lavished in

crumbled feta,




a drizzle of





I froze my tea in pint jars and took it out to the garden, to drink as it thawed.

I actually liked this cold drink so well that this year I'll make more of it—come spring and the first sighting of dandelions! :)

Ashley, at, is an off-grid homesteader, blogging in rural Vermont. She's a serious forager who shares tons of information on at least 20 edible weeds—many of which may be growing in your own backyard. If this sort of thing interests you even a little, head over to her website and learn to love a weed or two in 2020.

Then spread the love around! :)


Oh! Unfathomable and divine mystery of the balances of destiny!

--Victor Hugo


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